Every project is unique!
At HBS we believe every project demands the right mix of experience and latest technology, hence we created a 4 stage process apart from agile software development model for every project as standard. This 4 stage process will make sure the HBS quality is delivered for each project.



We kick off with an informal meeting for planning sessions, which can be online or offline. We believe in wasting no time when an idea sparks.

The planning sessions go long or short depending on how complex and refined an idea is. We help our clients by adding points on industry’s best practices and security aspects, so that the solution may be a refined one even from its beginning stages.



Designers at HBS love to convert a new idea into device screens. We have a dedicated visualization engineer who can convert your idea into sketches and later to device screens giving you a more realistic experience.

The designs are then returned to client for review with help from our design and development team. We believe no idea is complete without a great team work. Thus we pro-actively suggests additions and notifies you about loop holes to prevent a major re-work.



We believe in agile software development. As a early adopter of agile, all our engineers are experienced and self learned agile developers. The team feels very comfortable in working with agile model, resulting in better output.

During the course of development, our clients are presented with casual demo sessions by developers, which help to build good relationship with clients and better understanding of their ideas and thoughts. We believe in, and aim for a long term relationship with all of our clients.



The testing team never misses a chance to yell ‘bug!’ when they encounter one. Our testing team and Quality Assurance team interacts and works closely with each other to point and help close bugs.

We use industry standard opensource software testing tools for testing which reduces costs for clients and assures the best and latest.

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