Mobile App Development

Android App Development

Android is growing fast as a platform and so is the demand for Android app development. HelloInfinity has been one of the early starters in the realm of Android development and has one of best Android development teams.

Our Android application developers have years of experience in the mobile application development space and are well conversant with Android Software Development Kit (SDK), OpenGL, 3D graphics, Android Media APIs, Location–based Service APIs, Wi–Fi APIs, Android Security Architecture and other technologies required to build best in class Android apps.

Our experience of the Android Market Place coupled with our talented designers and extremely knowledgeable Android app development team gives us the confidence to take on the toughest of challenges and deliver outstanding Android apps that you would love.

HelloInfinity, a pioneer in outsourcing has been providing technology-driven offshore outsourcing solutions to global companies. We have created value for our customers in U.S, U.K and other parts of the world by providing quality and cost-effective services ahead of schedule.

Graphics Support

Android offers high built-in support for powerful 2D and 3D graphics, which help businesses toattract maximum users to their mobile applications. High quality graphics plays a vital role inapps. Moreover, games are the most sought-after apps that requires high quality graphics.

Cost Effective

Android is very cost effective as an open source platform. The widerange of android app development tools are free to download. Thus, mobile app development companies can deliver high quality apps ataffordable rates to businesses who are always looking for solutions that are cost effective.

Freedom to Developers

Android platform is quite flexible and therefore mobile app developers can work with greaterflexibility and freedom. This open source technology gives freedom to developers to extend the source code and exercise their development capabilities and skills to create an effective and unique app.

Linux kernel and open source platform

Android is based on Linux kernel, which implies that the corefeatures of Android are very much similar to Linux Kernel.Being Linux based OS, Android provides a very stable andsecure platform.It ensures the smooth and hurdle free environment whereapps can deliver their best performance. This makes androidthe best option for businesses and organizations who dontwant their apps to get crashed or get hanged while in use. Being an open source platform, Android offers great freedom for developers to easily adapt and edit the programming codes. Its both License free and royalty free., as well the Android platform is quite compelling for handset manufacturers and wireless operators.