HBS gets incorporated in the USA

HBS gets incorporated in the USA Hello Infinity Business Solutions, after making a strong client base in hospitality and travel sector in India, gets registered in the state of Texas as Hello Infinity Business Solutions LLC. We are also setting up a career development...

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Simple html css star rating system

Simple HTML CSS Star rating system Tired looking for a simple html css star rating system? Here it is! Download the zip file from the link below Extract the zip and copy the image ‘rating-star.png’ in your root folder(the folder where the style sheet file resides....

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ISPConfig theme – Delight by HBS

ISPConfig theme – Delight by HBS Delight by HBS is an ISPConfig 3 tweaked by designers at HBS to provide a cool look and feel to the outdated looking (functionally perfect) ISPConfig Theme. As we fired up a new server for our product...

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Disable directory listing on a whm/Cpanel server

Disable directory listing whm Ever wondered about achieving more security by disabling the directory browsing/listing on whole whm server? Follow these steps which will help you to esaily edit the apche conf from the whm and get the result in a snap! Log into WHM with your admin username...

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