ISPConfig theme – Delight by HBS

ISPConfig theme – Delight by HBS

Delight by HBS is an ISPConfig 3 tweaked by designers at HBS to provide a cool look and feel to the outdated looking (functionally perfect) ISPConfig Theme. As we fired up a new server for our product team, we wanted to match a bit with the product branding colors too. So we have adopted a violet and green combo. You can simply replace the logo from the theme’s /images/header_logo.png to reflect your branding. Editing the favicon will further add up colors.

Installation / Configuration

To install Delight by HBS follow the steps as below.

1. Get the latest copy from
2. Extract the archive using any compatible tool like winrar
3. Make a copy of ‘default’ theme. (For backup)
4. upload the contents of folder ‘delight-isp-config-theme’
to /usr/local/ispconfig/interface/web/themes/default/ folder.

If your theme hasn’t changed yet,
4. Login to your ISP Config installation as administrator.
5. Click on ‘Tools’ from the main header menu.
6. Go to ‘Interface’ from the left side menu.
7. Select ‘default’ against the ‘Design’ setting.
8. Hit ‘save’ button.
9. Thank us by passing an email to hello(at) telling how we helped you. ?

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