HBS Fine Blog – Super Clean wordpress theme

HBS Fine Blog – Super Clean wordpress theme

Hello developers & WordPress lovers, Its time to Hi-five!
The wordpress team at helloinfinity releases a clean wordpress theme that can be used for development and which is also a great standalone theme as is. The simple layout is appropriate for a blog or website. You can customize the logos for your blog and use or even extend the theme if you are interested. The theme has a navigation menu support as a specific functionality. HBS Fine Blog clean wordpress theme is built on HBS Base – a base wordpress theme from Helloinfinity.

Download link | Demo


HBS Fine Blog Clean wordpress theme Installation

  1. Go to Appearance> Themes
  2. Click on the install themes tab.
  3. Click on the upload sub-tab.
  4. Browse select the theme zip file downloaded.
  5. Click “install now” button.
  6. Click activate.
  7. Go to appearance>menus
  8. Click ‘create a new menu’.
  9. Name the menu, add pages or links and click save.
  10. Set the blog page from settings>discussion.
  11. Set up permalinks from settings>permalinks.
  12. Thats it!

 What is inside the zip file?

  • img‘ folder with the ‘background company logo’ and the ‘tiny company logo’.
  • ‘footer.php’ file that has the footer brabding and copyright information.
  • functions.php file that has the menu inclusion function.
  • header.php file that has the navigation menu inclusion.
  • index.php file that has the post display functions (the wordpress loop) and calls to header and footer.
  • screenshot.png Screenshot file for theme.
  • style.css the main stylesheet file of the theme.

What all can i customize or alter from the theme?

We are releasing this theme under ‘GNU Affero General Public Licence Version 3’. You may alter any part of the theme excluding ‘Helloinfinity’ logo which is trademark of Helloinfinity Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd